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Mobile and handheld usability testing of your web site – why testing and designing matters on Mobile Websites

For designing Mobile Websites, mobile phone – cell Phone in The US – and PDA, tablet usability testing is important to your business. Please read about some website developer ideas.

Mobile Look of 199customsite/websites page, real size - Importance Of Designing Mobile Websites

Mobile Look of 199customsite/websites page, real size – Importance Of Designing Mobile Websites

Actually, cell and handheld usability testing may very well be even more essential than laptop-based usability testing. The main causes for this are as follows:

– Nowadays, the number of people accessing the Web from various cellular and handheld devices is increasing at an enormous rate: even in 2008 alone there was an estimated 58 million PDAs bought worldwide (supply: eTForecast). And what about 2014? You can imagine the changes.
– The average people usually have quite a bit less experience of utilizing their mobile (cell) to go surfing than they do of using their computer. Which means computer-based mostly customers may be assumed to have the next stage of present experience than mobile and handheld users.
– The platform via which customers entry your website is much much less predictable when using mobile (cellular) phones and tablets. PC-based website guests typically solely differ from each other in their browser and operating system (i.e. most people will use a screen, mouse and keyboard), whereas the different types of cellphones and PDAs differ can drastically. Without testing and utilizing your site, this very high rate of difference can cause malfunction when loading your web site, that is even if your page comes up well on most of the cell phones, certain models will not able to display your content at all.

Now, via this short summary above, you can see the importance of designing Mobile Websites.

Which mobile (cell) phones and PDAs is it advisable to think about?

Cellphones and PDAs can differ from each other dramatically, and this will transform how people experience and use websites. Some of the methods in which handheld devices can differ include:

– Display screen layout (portrait vs. landscape)
– Screen size (small versus large) and resolution of the display
– Input gadget (stylus, numeric keypad, dial-wheel, QWERTY keypad)

As a result of the cell phone / PDA that somebody is utilizing can have such a profound effect on their experience of your website, you need to try to check with as many mobile phones and PDAs as possible. Don’t forget about the “first impression” effect – we have written about it last time – they will got when arriving at your web site at the first time.

Does it mean that you should have at least one model of each mobile (cell) phone, PDA and tablet?

However, it would be necessity, in the reality you cannot carry it out. Nowadays, because of the great variety of the devices, testing with every mobile (cell) phone and PDA is impossible. Nonetheless, we’ve collected some ideas to assist slender down the number of units you’ll want to check with. Lease find them below:

– Because of you selected niche, the visitors of your mobile websites could belong to a particular audience. Certain audiences are likely to favor specific sorts of mobile phones (e.g. phones with huge screens and high resolution which might be designed to support extreme on-line access versus low resolution, small display screen models that are not).
– There are ‘cellphone families” that supply a really comparable, related user-experience (and won’t should be tested individually for this reason).
– You might solely need to test with the most well-liked mobile (cell) phones e.g. in the US or Europe or the preferred models which can be getting used to access your web site (you possibly can verify your website statistics – for instance on Google Analytics – to seek out this info).

Who do you need to test with (we mean, the crew)?

Laptop / Desktop Look of 199customsite/websites page - Importance Of Designing Mobile Websites

Laptop / Desktop Look of 199customsite/websites page – Importance Of Designing Mobile Websites

The people you wish to conduct your mobile phone (cell phone) usability testing sessions with will, in fact, rely on your specific enterprise or brand, and its audience. Some things to keep in mind before selecting the staff (for testing):

– How a lot experience they need to have of utilizing their cell phones to entry different services. That is significantly essential as the marketplace for accessing on-line services, providers or companies via mobile (cell) phones is rising and the percentage of “complete newbies (novices)” (i.e. people using the current know-how and expertise for the very first time will probably be far greater than for computer (PC or MAC, desktop and laptop) users of your website).
– Which kind of mobile (cell) phone or PDA they have. We might often suggest that people use their very own mobile device in a session, so the test can focus on your mobile websites and never on the way in which the hand-held device works.

Our Team at 199 Creative – 199 Custom Site is equipped with many kinds of cell phones, from Android via iOS to Symbian in order to test the ready-made – or even being in the developing phase – mobile websites under all circumstances. This way can provides a safe and efficient background for all of our clients.

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