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April 10, 2017

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Since 1967, The Bair Foundation has been committed to building strong children, strong families and strong communities. The Bair Foundation believes in advocacy and partnership with other like-minded nonprofit agencies and organizations to serve and restore as many children and families as possible. The Bair Foundation is a licensed child-placing agency in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

By modeling Christian values and principles, Bair’s Board of Directors is able to provide The Bair Foundation with strong leadership, solid direction for decision making and faith-based wisdom for the implementation of new programs and services. As the governing body, we will uphold our position to the highest ethical standard as we support The Bair Foundation ministry which is making a significant difference daily in the lives of thousands of children and teens.

  • The bair Foundation

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    • The Bair Foundation recognizes the diverse backgrounds, characteristics and needs of foster youth and actively recruits foster families of all races,
      ethnicities and backgrounds without discrimination.
    • Bair supports their foster families through the certification process and after the placement is made. Families are well trained to ensure their success as
      they foster children and teens. Bair believes that foster families are the agents of change and we want them to feel loved, appreciated, and valued.
    • Quality Improvement is an ongoing process at The Bair Foundation. Through continuous monitoring of systems and services, The Bair Foundation identifies
      trends and makes improvements to achieve excellence.