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Alexander Elbanna

Mobile Development

199creative: Team dedicated to the development of mobile apps alongside customers in every step.
Do you have an idea for a mobile application but do not have the skills to do it? 199creative do it for you!
User Experience Study (UX Design)
Development Graphical user interface (UI design)
Applications for iOS and Android
Today, the world is now populated by smartphones and tablets having an app that allows anyone to buy goods, see the latest news or book a table at the restaurant is a must for those who do not want to be limited only to the website.
199creative, mobile app development company at Tampa Bay deals with app development and browsable catalogs for iOs platform (iPad, iPod, and iPhone), for Android platforms (Samsung Galaxy and similar) and for other selected platforms. Catalogs, brochures and other content can be distributed on all the new communication channels through a dedicated mobile application.
In addition, every website we create can be optimized for viewing on mobile devices, so as to reach a growing number of potential users and customers.
The mobile app is nothing more than a software application dedicated to smartphones or tablets, whose main feature is the convenience and essentiality of content, in line with the hardware capabilities of the devices for which it was made.
After a careful analysis of the objectives, mobile app development for iPhone, iPad and for those mobile that use the Android operating system, with an intuitive user interface (UI), easy to use and dedicated to your business, with the aim of ensuring an exciting and functional user experience (UX).
The importance of mobile app development for your company!
The applications allow:
to convey the company image and the promotion of products directly in the hands of customers;
show the product catalog with texts, photographs, and videos, and suggest the nearest store;
offer specific services designed for mobile users, so as to consolidate the relationship with customers;
update users in real time with “push” notifications;
Implement marketing systems designed to encourage the purchase or registration of users on their website.
Investing in the development of an app for iOS and Android is the right choice to have a convenient and easy-to-use system available, with the aim of launching a new business, expanding your customer base or simply facilitating your work.
Let yourself be followed from anywhere in the world with a simple “touch”. 199creative, mobile app Development Company at Tampa Bay, Florida is waiting for you to develop your mobile app.
The 199creative process for mobile app development includes:
Definition of the context, purpose, and target of the application.
Analysis of the processes and steps that will characterize the user’s interaction with the application (user experience).
Creation of the graphic layout and specific elements useful for the mobile app development phase.
Native mobile app development (iOS, Android).
Mobile app development as a Web Application with HTML5, CSS3 optimized for mobile devices.
Mobile app development using SWIFT programming language
For mac, we use X-CODE development environment.
199creative, mobile app development in Tampa bay allow our customers, whether they are professionals or companies, to exploit new channels and methods of business and communication, giving visibility in an innovative way of their products-services, with the aim of acquiring new potential customers and loyalty.
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