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Mobile App Development

199Creative’s method for achieving great design is iterative. It looks
more like a circle than like a straight path… more like three
circles to be exact:




The apps you can’t just pass by



Network of sensors and NFC tags, that tracks all
activity within the gym, helping users achieve their
goals by effortlessly documenting their workouts and
‘gamifying’ the gym experience.

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Ipad Content

Brilliant Move

On-demand delivery app that maps out the logistics
of the home or office moving process.

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Go Out Ride Baseball Yoga Movie Gym


Collaborative social planning app that allows friends
to convert their ideas into everyday events.

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We make this work

Interactive Prototypes

Almost like the real product, you can use a prototype for getting early feedback, beta testing, and even selling your app idea.

Brand Identity

We express your brand’s vision with a cohesive product style spanning your logo, icons, and color scheme.

UI Design

We design user interfaces for mobile and web apps that are simple, intuitive, and visually appealing.

UX Design

We use a number of techniques to gain insights on how to solve problems and fascinate your customers.

Our concepts capture attention – and hold it

Our workout tracking app concept, to record personal exercise routines, was featured
on App Design Served, on Behance, in the article “Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of
August 2015” by, and in the book “UI GRAPHICS” from BNN, Inc. International
publications, one of the largest art and design publications in Japan.

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import UIKit
import GLKit

public class StarWarsGLAnimator: NSObject,
UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning {
public var duration: NSTimeInterval = 2
public var spriteWidth: CGFloat = 8
private var sprites: [Sprite] = []
private var glContext: EAGLContext!
private var effect: GLKBaseEffect!
private var glView: GLKView!
private var displayLink: CADisplayLink!
private var lastUpdateTime: NSTimeInterval?
private var startTransitionTime: NSTimeInterval!
private var transitionContext:
private var render: SpriteRender!
public func transitionDuration(transitionContext:
UIViewControllerContextTransitioning?) ->
NSTimeInterval {
return self.duration
public func animateTransition(transitionContext:
UIViewControllerContextTransitioning) {
let containerView =
let fromView =
let toView =
func randomFloatBetween(smallNumber: CGFloat,
and bigNumber: CGFloat) -> Float {
let diff = bigNumber – smallNumber
return Float(CGFloat(arc4random()) / 100.0
% diff + smallNumber)
self.glContext = EAGLContext(API: .OpenGLES2)

GitHub killers

Our Star Wars UI animation was inspired by… well,
Star Wars. We visualized Darth Vader and Anakin
Skywalker to create a unique solution for a standard
switch. We then built this animation for iOS and
Android. We used Open GL to crumble the view into
tiny pieces.

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